Presenter Resources

Presenter Form

If you are scheduled to present on Wednesday Spotlight, please complete the presenter form a couple days in advance.  It will take you just a few minutes. Click here to get going.

Presentation Outline

For your 12 minute presentation, please succinctly address the following questions:

  • What word or phrase best captures for you the spirit of your agency’s mission?
  • What specifically does your agency do?
  • How many people does it serve a year?
  • What is the admission process?
  • What are the basic eligibility criteria?
  • Are there any costs for services?
  • What is the best way for attendees to refer their clients?
  • Are there any big program or service updates you can share?
  • What one resource can you offer attendees to help in their work?
  • What one resource are you looking for now to help in your work?


We start 10 minutes after noon so people have enough time to transition from their morning commitments and join our Zoom meeting. Likewise, we keep the schedule short so that they have time to finish the meeting and transition to their afternoon commitments without feeling rushed. To this end, it is important to stick closely to the following schedule:

12:00 Join Zoom (below)
12:10 Welcome
12:12 Speaker Introduction
12:13 Speaker Presentation
12:25 Interviewer Q/A
12:26 Attendee Q/A
12:30 Farewell/Breakout
12:45 Disconnect

Note: Attendees are invited to stay after the program for a 15 minute breakout session with the presenter. So don’t jump off the meeting right after the farewell in case there are some people who want to continue the discussion for a few minutes.

Sound & Camera Check


  • Download Zoom — but don’t join a meeting when prompted. Just exit the app.
  • Test your audio and video connection by launching a test Zoom meeting at
  • When the test meeting starts, you will be prompted to test your audio. Just follow the instructions and let us know if you run into any errors.
  • If you see yourself, your video is working fine. If you don’t see yourself, make sure you have a webcam selected in the Video settings that are found in the lower left corner of the Zoom screen.. And if you can’t get it working, let us know.
  • You can use your computer’s built-in mic and webcam; but, if you have them, external ones are better.


  • When you join the Zoom meeting make sure you are (physically) in a private room, with no background noise, and good lighting.
  • Place your camera at eye level or slightly above and far enough away to capture your shoulders and your entire head.
  • If you are using a laptop, you may need to prop it up on a few thick books to get it to the right level.
  • If you are using a desktop, you may need to move closer to your screen than you are used to sitting.

Lighting & Background

  • It is best to have a soft light source in front of you and to minimize other lighting in the room
  • Look for distractions behind you and remove any items that might be distracting to the audience — even if you think they add character or credential to your presentation. It’s best to be plain and simple with a background that contrasts with your skin color.


  • We’re going for a natural style. So be yourself. And talk the same way you would talk to someone in real life.
  • Also look yourself. Show up for the program the same way you would show up for work.
  • Given the tight schedule, time is of the essence — so make sure you don’t wander with your remarks. Be prepared. But definitely don’t read what you prepared.
  • Make eye contact with the camera — not the images of the other people on the screen. Pretend that the camera is the person you’re speaking to.

Clean Start

  • Before you join the meeting, restart your computer and turn off any background applications as well as any notifications.

Join Zoom

When you join the Zoom meeting, you’ll be promoted to a panelist and invited to a private breakout room for last minute preparations with the host. To join the meeting, click here.


For technical questions, please contact Jonathan Dempsey at